Should You Choose a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual business telephone system is now available for virtually every type of business and service industry. In order to use this system, the virtual business owner must first own or lease a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) facility. The PBX facility is the physical device used for the exchange of calls between virtual telephone systems and the business. Since the phone system is hosted in the business’ building, it eliminates a number of operational issues that can be resolved through the installation of a physical phone system.

virtual business phone system

Virtual business phone systems are not required in all types of business, although they do improve productivity and communications within a small business. Cost savings for a small business with five to twenty users are estimated to range from a minimum of twelve thousand dollars for a small business virtual phone system, to approximately fifteen thousand dollars for a large business.

Business phone systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with business computer networks. This reduces the need for network administrators and reduces downtime associated with an outage. With a hosted phone system, maintenance of the network does not require much additional work. When the telephone system is used on its own, it can provide increased call processing efficiency. This results in improved call quality, and increased revenues, as well as improved communication within the business.

When choosing a virtual phone system, consider the amount of data that you will be storing. Some systems require only the incoming and outgoing numbers. Others allow the storing of voicemail messages. You must also determine what features you wish your phone system to have.

Most virtual phone systems offer caller ID, caller greeting, voicemail, automatic call forwarding, email address, and conference calling. You may also be able to request free upgrades to the virtual telephone system to add additional features, such as caller ID lock, voicemail, and VoIP extension.

Some virtual phone systems come equipped with PBX software. This software is designed to be used by remote businesses. Most business owners, however, prefer to purchase separate software from a reputable vendor and install it on their own servers.

A virtual business can benefit from the addition of a voice-mail server, if it is designed for virtual use. To reduce maintenance and operational costs associated with an in-house answering service, most systems offer unlimited voicemail and email to all employees for unlimited periods of time.

When considering a virtual phone system, ask about the features and support options that each provider offers, including technical support, maintenance, and upgrading, as well as technical assistance in using the system. Virtual phone systems are the preferred option for many small businesses.

The cost of the phone system usually depends on the number of features you want and the size of the company that uses the phone system. For example, a virtual phone system that offers an unlimited number of lines and voicemail will be more expensive than one that offers only two lines and a message center.

Virtual phone systems provide superior voice quality and can provide you with a better level of reliability and clarity. This is essential when you have to answer a number of calls. The quality of your calls may be affected if your telephone systems are not maintained properly. If you use a hosted phone system, you do not have to hire phone operators or maintain customer service departments to handle the calls.

virtual business phone system can reduce the cost of your communications expenses. Since you do not need to maintain any of the hardware, maintenance expenses are greatly reduced. There is no need for an information technology department that handles software upgrades or keeps the hardware in good working order.

No matter what type of virtual telephone system you choose, you are the only business owner who has to know about your phone system. With the ability to use the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can get your business functioning smoothly.

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